How to Install Windows 10 on Android



Windows 10 is the most recent OS alias operating system when compared to other series. Microsoft developed the OS is synonymous with the use of the PC or smartphone and tablet platform Windows Mobile.

That is, Android smartphone that you use do not support the use of Windows 10, right? Yes. But not really. For you Android users who really want ngerasain Windows 10, Windows10Buzz will love how to install Windows 10 on Android.

Here’s How to Install Windows 10 on Android

To make it happen, your Android device needs the help of an app called Computer Launcher. You can get this app for free in the Play Store or more easily, can directly click the Download button below.

After determining the right application, you can then ‘juggle’ your Android to be like a Windows Phone or other devices that use Windows OS 10. Then just follow the steps below:

  • You start to feel bored alias bored with the look of your Android smartphone so-so aja, for example like one of Windows10Buzz smartphone below. Then it comes to your mind to feel the sensation of using Windows 10 as the OS on your Android.
  • As Windows10Buzz mentioned above, you need the help of an app called Computer Launcher for Win 10. Download at GooglePlay.
  • Once the app is installed, you can directly use Computer Launcher as the main launcher on your Android smartphone. You do this by selecting Computer Launcher from the list of launchers on your Android smartphone.
  • This is how your Android smartphone homescreen looks when it has enabled Computer Launcher as the main launcher. Not stop there, some of the features and appearance in it also become like Windows 10.
  • Select the menu button on the bottom left (in the red box), then the application display on your smartphone will look like the app display on Windows 10 based device.
  • Select the arrow icon (red box), it will display various status such as battery power, WiFi connection, bluetooth and etc.
  • Select the message icon located on the bottom right (in the red box), it will display a smartphone notification that is also similar to the notification display device berbabasis Windows 10.
  • Not to forget, the gallery view contains the folders and files that exist on your smartphone will also be shaped like a view in Windows 10.

The final word

That’s our tips on how to install Windows 10 on Android easily and practically. Although not a real Windows device, you can still eliminate saturation and feel the sensation of using Windows 10 via Android smartphone. Good luck!

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