How To Install Windows 10 Using Flashdisk

How To Install Windows 10 Using Flashdisk

Microsoft has released its latest product, which they named Windows 10. Many expectations say that Windows 9 is the one that will continue the previous version of Windows 8.1, but in fact Windows 10 that appears.

Now I will try to give How To Install Windows 10 Using USB Flashdisk.

What You Should Prepare:

  1. A USB Flashdisk (Min 4 GB) is bigger nicer
  2. Applications Named Rufus
  3. Windows 10 Technical Preview

Following the steps to install Windows10:

  • Download ISO Windows10 Technical Preview file, Please adjust it with your computer. Computers with RAM below 4 GB, it is recommended to use 32bit version, while 4 GB or up, it is recommended to use 64bit version.
  • If so, Download and run Rufus Application. Then setting the same as this, do not forget “Browse” the ISO file earlier. If so, Click Start. Make sure before you click start, Flashdisk is empty and there is no important data in it.
    Rufus Application
  • Wait about 10-20 minutes, until the process is complete.
  • Next, Now connect the Flashdisk to the Computer you want to Install Windows 10, do not forget the BIOS settings, To enter the BIOS, you can press the DEL button, F2 button, or something like that because different laptop types, the buttons also different. Then change “Boot Device Priority” to “USB HDD / Flashdisk“.
  • If the steps are working correctly, should the computer can detect a Bootable USB containing Windows 10 Technical Preview earlier. If the display appears like this, Click “Next“.
  • Next, Click “Install Now”, Continue with prayer. : P
  • Up here you will be given 2 choices. Since you want to install Windows 10 from scratch, you have to choose “Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced)
  • Next is the Hardisk partition selection, if you do not want to create a partition, please directly click “Next” button. Or if you want to create a new partition, such as Local Disk D or Local Disk E, click the New button, then set its size.
  • When Install Windows, you can also delete or add partitions.
  • This is the oldest part, please wait 20 – 60 minutes, usually in the middle of the way Windows will do Restart by itself.
  • CAUTION: Please unplug your Flashdisk when the “Getting files ready for installation” process has finished or reached 100%. * This is so that when Restart, Computer does not Boot from the beginning again.
  • After waiting patiently, this should appear if the installation runs smoothly. Up here, I would advise you to click the “Use express settings” button.
  • Up here you will be asked to login using a Microsoft account. If you do not have one, just click “Do not have an account?
  • This is a unique part of it. If you are logged in using a Microsoft account, and your account has been used in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, then the question arises, do you want to sync the data, configuration settings, etc. into this Windows 10?
  • This is a Splashcreen, just wait until the computer is ready for use.
  • Finally Desktop Windows 10 Technical Preview, is ready!
    How To Install Windows 10 Using Flashdisk

Basically, the Windows 10 installation process is not much different from Windows 7 or Windows 8, at a glance that distinguishes only the display and some additional features therein. If you are still confused about How to Install Windows 10 Using Flashdisk, do not hesitate to write in the comment box yes.

Maybe also among you have asked, what about the benefits of Windows 10 this.

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