The 5 Best Mobile Legends Heroes

The 5 Best Mobile Hero Legends

Mobile Legends is a MOBA strategy game that relies more on teamwork. Currently this game is very popular by many people. You can play it on your favorite smartphone. Download Mobile Legends for Android. Now, I will to know you the 5 best heroes in Mobile Legends.

  1. Akai

    With an average win rate of 54.64%, Akai ranks first in the list of the best Mobile Legends heroes. Although included in the category of Tank hero, but Akai also has a lot of damage.



    Akai has a skill called “Thousand Pounder” that can stunnig your opponent for 2 seconds. He also has a passive skill that is Tai Chi , so arguably this Akai is a hero has the ability to attack and also survive equally well, anyone who fought it would be sick.

  2. Grock

    Hero this one immediately boom and become the mainstay shortly after its release. What’s so great about him? As a Tank hero, Grock has great damage and is able to disrupt farms and kill Assassins as well as Marksmans.




    Another plus, Grock has a very good skill used in any condition. He can use Guardian s Barrier to fight gank.

    When doing war live use ultimate Wild Charge , and use / Power of Nature to harass when on the lane. Quite complete is not it?

  3. Lancelot

    It’s incomplete if it does not include the name Lancelot into the list of the best Mobile Legends hero, reasonable because in addition to competitive, Lancelot also become auto pick some players.

    Hero Assassin category has a second skill called Thorned Rose can be very inconvenient because anyone affected will get a slow effect.



    Seeing the capabilities it has, you do not have to worry if the tower will be pressed opponent, the article Lancelot reliable in one by one with another hero and also very over powered.


    As an Assassin hero that produces physical damage, it is recommended to use a build item such as Bloodlust Ax, Magic Shoes, Hunter Strike, Blade Of The 7 Seas, Rose Gold Meteor and Blade Of Despair.

  4. Harley

    Among all the Mage heroes, Harley is the best. In some tournaments, Harley has always been the choice of most teams.

    Harley has a skill named Poker Trick which is very difficult for his opponent. This skill will issue a barrage of cards that impact damage to the affected enemy. In addition to the speed of his attacks will be very painful when Poker Trick successfully hit the opponent.




    Another ability that other Harley has is the skill of Space Escape, with this skill you can escape or chase the hero of the opponent. Seeing the skills they have, it’s natural that many pro players often wear them, because this hero has a complete package.


  5. Diggie

    Although some players often underestimate the role of Support hero, but behind a successful battle there is support behind it. Diggie is the best Support hero in the ranks of hero Mobile Legends.



    His ultimate will give his teammates around him immune crowd control for 2.5 seconds. This skill will also give the shield to a teammate who can absorb large damage for 5 seconds.

    Time Reverse which is also a second moment will be very useful in the fight. Where it is able to rotate the opponent’s time back to the desired point. This skill is very useful especially when facing heroes who often blur like Harley.

Closing remarks

Well that’s the 5 best Mobile Legends hero today. It is not impossible in the next few days will appear other heroes are much better than the existing one at this time. Let’s wait hero what else will be released by Moonton.

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